Authors: Tomas Rasmus,Hugo Rasmus and Johann Isak Petursson,  mathematics teachers in Secondary schools and Comprehensive College in Iceland.

The website was created to help pupils improve their results in learning mathematics. In the beginning the idea was to use computers to reach pupils who had little interest in learning algebra the usual way – through textbooks. The authors noticed that some of their pupils weren’t interested in mathematics at all. The subject was too complicated and they lacked interest. Hugo and Tomas started to experiment by making interactive mathematics tests on the web for those pupils. The results were optimistic and pupils showed new interest in learning mathematics. The website expanded with the addition of new materials and will continue to do so as long as schools show an interest in using it.

The Icelandic version started in 1999 and was translated into Swedish in 2001,  Danish in 2002, Norwegian 2005-2006.  The English version was made in 2004-2006 The Russian and Polish version started in 2008 and the language of the Faroa islands 2011.  All material is placed on the Icelandic site first and then translated into the other langauages as soon as possible.

The website covers the fundamental elements of mathematics for children 8 -16 years of age. The material is divided into units, each one teaching and testing a small area of a mathematics topic.  There are now over 100 interactive tests available on the website.

Pupils see their results and receive the correct answers immediately. If their results are less than 80% correct, they are encouraged to do more practice. If they score 80% or higher, they can go on to a higher level within the topic or to a new topic. The teaching explanations are kept short and in simple language and emphasis is placed on visual explanations through the use of pictures and diagrams.


The following people are working on this project.



Tomas Rasmus  Teaches  mathematics and science in an elementary school in Iceland.


Hugo Rasmus  Teaches mathematics at The Comprehensive College MK
  Agnethe Kristjansson teaches  mathematics and computer sience at The Comprehensive College Hamrahlid.
  Johann Isak Peturson

Teaches mathematics at The Comprehensive College MK.

  Hrannar Baldursson

Consultant, teacher, designer, co-director of a philosophy school for children.

  María de los Ángeles Álvarez Laso

Psychologist, educator, teacher, co-director of a philosophy school for children.

Lill Ann Stigen

Teaches mathematics in a secondary school in Norway

Samuel C. Lefever lectures in English at he University of Education in Iceland.
Vigfús Hallgrímsson teaches computer sience in an elementary school in Iceland.