To the teacher

Some points about using the maths web.

Itís important that students can, from the beginning, find and use the Web Pages themselves. They should also make sure that they remember the username and password, itís advisable that they make a note of these and keep them in a safe and accessible place. Itís a good idea to save the web page URL in Bookmarks or Favourites depending on the Web  Browser that is being used.  In some browsers itís possible to save the password, which saves a few key strokes.

Schools that have subscribed to this maths web page should make sure that their students know that they can use the Web page in their own computers at home at any time.

Itís useful to let the students print a copy of the check list  and fill in the results of their tests so that both teacher and pupil can monitor progress and keep a look out for strengths and weaknesses.

 Students should be told to regard this  check list as a progress chart and treat it with respect!

This maths web page is a useful tool when working with students with a wide range of ability. It provides high ability students with instructions and examples so that they can carry on ahead  while slower students  can go back and revise from previous topics that they have forgotten or havenít mastered successfully. In this way each individual student can work at his or her own level.

The introductory lessons can easily be shown as slides or on a screen if teachers wish to use them in this way.

Schools have very variable access to computers and that of course will determine how computerised material can be used by teachers and students.

If computers are not easily accessible in the classroom it could be useful to collaborate with the school librarian or the Information Technology  teacher.

Some students still find it easier to work with pencil and paper. These students might prefer to work through a printed version of the  tests before ticking the answers in the computer  for marking.

Finally, we hope this web page proves useful and we wish you all well.